It’s already confusing enough to know what a branding identity package includes, and it’s not common knowledge for people who aren’t brand designers to know what branding design files to expect at the end of a project. What should my branding project deliverables include? At Emily Foster Creative, I always recommend that business owners invest […]


What branding design files do I need?

Laptop with branding files and materials

When you know you need a new website for your business, that’s just one step of the website design process. Then, you have to go down the daunting path of finding the right website designer, and how on earth do you start that? In this blog, I share how to hire the right website designer, […]

Website Design

How to hire the right website designer

2022 is almost over, and if you have a wedding business, you’re probably just starting to get a breath in after a busy year. While it’s nice to finally get some free time and look forward to the holidays and engagement season, this can also be an overwhelming time. For wedding vendors, it can feel […]

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How to Prep Your Wedding Business Website for Engagement Season

Showit website design for a Portland wedding planner

Choosing good website photography that’s both interesting and strategic can be one of the biggest challenges of building a website for a wedding or creative business owner. Here are some tips to help. Wedding vendors and ESPECIALLY photographers have the benefit of having so many photos to choose from for their websites. The wedding industry is […]

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How to Choose Your Website Photography

There’s a little word being tossed around the design industry called “strategy”, and often heard as “brand strategy”. I’ve seen it treated in the same way as “authentic” or “balance”. You hear that your business needs it and there are lots of designers and coaches who claim that they can help you find the answers […]

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Brand Strategy and the Impact on Your Branding

Custom Branding and Templated Website Design for Darlinghurst Events We worked on this destination wedding planner branding in May 2022 during one of our 2-week branding and website intensives. Darlinghurst Events is a destination wedding planning company owned by Katie Gregory, who comes to the industry with years of experience. Katie needed a new brand […]

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Brand Strategy Identity for a Destination Wedding Planner

Bride and groom walking across field. Darlinghurst Events logo design is laid over the image.

Stand out in a small or crowded wedding market. A marketing problem I hear regularly is that wedding vendors and photographers have trouble standing out and attracting ideal clients in a small or crowded market. The feeling can be so frustrating when you know you provide great services that your ideal client would absolutely love. […]

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Attract Ideal Clients in a Saturated Wedding Vendor Market

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(Hint: there’s not a quick right answer) The big question I get from wedding vendors, photographers, and really, any business, is how to pick the best website platform. For service providers particularly, making a decision on a website platform can feel overwhelming. If you’re an e-commerce brand, the answer is pretty simple: Shopify. But when […]

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How to Choose the Best Website Platform

Branding and Website Design for a Furniture & Countertop Design Business A brand and website design that tells your business’s story is essential. When Rick from Ye Olde Finish Shoppe came to me, he wasn’t getting enough potential clients to find him through his website and his branding didn’t truly speak to his company, experience, […]

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What Goes Into a Rebrand and Website Design

This post was originally published on October 4, 2021. Your website: the most overrated and underrated part of your creative business’s marketing. To be honest, before I had a website, it was something I dreaded doing for my business. It can be a huge chore to get together all the proper messaging and imagery for […]

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5 Benefits of a Website Redesign

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