Website templates that do it all: stylish, strategic, and a breeze to use.

Even if custom website design isn’t in the cards, you still deserve a stunning website that works hard for you when it comes to sales.

Each Showit template in my library is designed with an equal focus on strategy and aesthetics, so that you get the best of both worlds in an easy-to-customize package.





Vibrant, elevated, and interactive

An SEO-driven showcase for destination wedding planners, travel specialists, and other service providers who want a stunning website that’s instantly optimized for location-based content.


Calm, luxurious, and portfolio-driven

Crafted for photographers, planners, and other wedding creatives who want an elevated, magazine-style home for images of their work, with plenty of room for thoughtful copy to match.


Fresh, organic, and informative

Make your clients feel as if they’ve just received a handwritten love letter from you, with cheerful, goal-oriented design that includes hand-drawn icons and patterns. 


Why choose Showit?

  • Drag-and-drop to customize your site
  • No code required
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Integrations with tools like Flodesk, Dubsado & Honeybook
  • Powerful WordPress blogs
  • SEO-optimized designs
  • No need to have a designer on call for updates
  • An extensive library of tutorials and support
  • Plus an engaged support team

Built-in content prompts

Writing your website copy seems like it will be a breeze—until you’re staring at that blinking cursor. Rather than use nonsense filler text, I’ve designed each template with tips and prompts to guide you through the process.

Created with SEO in mind

Showing up in search can dramatically increase your inquiries. That’s why our templates are crafted to ensure that your site loads fast and tells search engines exactly what they need to know in order for you to show up. Our library of tutorials will even show you how to customize and optimize your website template for your unique SEO, so that you can start gaining traction on Google!

Strategic and conversion-focused

A pretty website without any strategy won’t turn browsers into buyers. We’ve poured our knowledge of conversion design and user experience into each template to nudge users along the path you want them to follow.

Thoughtful design by Emily Foster Creative

I’ve created an entire library of elevated Showit templates that are also SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized. If you’re not sure which one is right for your business, drop me a line and I’ll help you figure it out.


Choose your template


How it works

We’ll provide you with a template key that you can import to your Showit account so that you can get started customizing right away. (Don’t have a Showit account? Now’s the time to sign up. You can use my link for a free month!)

Set yourself up on Showit


It’s as easy as drag-and-drop when it comes to adding photos and copy. Plus, we provide you with a library of video tutorials to help you customize fonts & colors, integrate forms, connect your domain name, and more.

Customize your site


Post on Instagram. Email it to your best friend. And then wait for the compliments (and the inquiries) to start rolling in.

Press ‘Publish’ and watch the magic happen


I have received 5 inquiries with my dream clients since she has finished my website, and I feel like more and more people are seeing me and being more receptive to my website. 

- Katelynn Gorremans, Wedding Planner & Owner of Daisy & Sun Events

"BOOK HER!! Emily did amazing at making my website the most gorgeous thing that I have ever seen. I am so happy that I outsourced this to Emily. I can just feel my personality when scrolling my site and I've already seen the change in clients reaching out to me. Thank you for everything and I truly love my site. Emily went above and beyond to do everything that I wanted and MORE.."


Want professional branding or help setting up your website?

Frequently Asked Questions

Showit is my favorite platform for web design because it’s so user-friendly—just drag-and-drop, no code required. That means that you don’t need to rely on a designer to make small tweaks to your site, and you can easily edit your copy, change out photos. or even add a new offer as your business evolves.

Another thing I love about Showit is that it’s a breeze to have a gorgeous mobile site. If your clients find you through your link in bio on Instagram or TikTok, they’ll be served a flawless mobile experience.

Have more questions?


Tell me more about Showit.


Here’s what I recommend you have ready before you get started:

  • A domain name (like emilyfostercreative.com), purchased from a hosting provider like GoDaddy. Once you’re ready to launch, the Showit support team swoops in to help point that domain to your new site.
  • Licensed versions of any custom fonts that you want to use
  • Plenty of photos, whether you’re using stock images or brand photos
  • Website copywriting, written by yourself or a professional copywriter (my template helps you with prompts!)

What do I need to get started customizing my template?

I really love Showit for its customization capabilities. If you’re a creative business owner, like a photographer, wedding planner, or copywriter, a Showit website will help you stand out with its design flexibility. 

If you want to learn more about Showit in comparison to other platforms, check out this blog about Showit vs Squarespace or Showit vs Wix. If you’re currently on Wordpress and have tons of blogs, not to worry! Showit’s team can easily help you transfer your blogs. Check out this blog about why I love Showit’s Wordpress blog.

Why should I use Showit over Wordpress, Squarespace, Pixieset, or Wix?

How much does it cost?

Yes! Showit makes it incredibly easy to modify important SEO-related content like page titles and share images. It also optimizes your images so that they load more quickly (which makes Google happy).

Increasingly, search engines also expect websites to be accessible on mobile devices—just think of how much time you spend browsing on your phone. Showit makes it easy to customize both your mobile and desktop sites at the same time (and every template I sell includes responsive layouts that work for virtually any device).

Is Showit good for SEO?

If the thought of customizing your Showit template gets to be too much, I’ve got you covered. My Website in a Day package is all about customizing a template to match your brand and your goals for your business. You provide me with your branding and assets, and I’ll work my magic.

What if I want help?

The investment for your Showit template (design, videos, and images included!) is $450. Payment plans are available.

In addition to your EFC template, you’ll also need to purchase a subscription to Showit. Subscriptions currently start at $24/month or $228/year for sites without a blog, and $29/month or $288/year if you want to include a blog (which we highly recommend). 

You’ll also need to ensure that you own a domain. Typically, this cost ranges anywhere from $2 - $50 per year depending on how popular your domain is. The average investment I’ve seen is $12 per year. You can keep your domain hosted wherever it is and point it to your Showit site. The library of tutorials will show you an overview of how to connect your domain, and Showit’s team will be able to help you if you have any specific questions.