The Heartland Lodge

The Heartland Lodge is a beautiful venue located in Kingsville, Missouri. The venue already had a website design, but wanted to fix some problems, so we worked together through two day rates. Holli came to us wanting to add a system to her website where she could allow couples to rent decor items, and have the capability to print a list the morning of a wedding to know exactly which decor items needed to be pulled from her inventory. Through a Website Day Rate, we added a Shopify integration and, through a second day rate, we added a private “booked couples” page, revamped the galleries page with past weddings, and elevated her website design.

a rustic venue in kingsville, missouri

Shopify Integration

This integration allows Holli's clients to pick which venue rental items they want to reserve for their wedding day, and makes the process easy for her to manage.

Added Booked Client Directory

This hidden page allows Holli to give her booked couples information about the venue and their wedding day so that they can keep everything in one organized spot.

Refreshed Galleries Page

We updated the Gallery Page with some of The Heartland Lodge's best weddings. This helps to elevate the brand into the luxury space.

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