20 tips to elevate your website

Whether we like to admit it or not, your website is a core piece of your business. It's either helping your business to thrive, or it's making your business stay stagnant. It's one thing to have a website, and it's another to have an elevated website.

If your website isn't turning heads and helping you book clients, then frankly, it's just a waste of money.

It's time for your website to start working for you.


1. Strategy

There are 5 main components to a successful website:

5. SEO

2. Copywriting

3. Design

4. Your content

It's essential to think through your brand strategy and marketing strategy before even starting on your website design. This includes focusing on your ideal clients, your brand voice, and your goals for your website.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All of the last 4 components affect your SEO, but there are also key details your website needs to have in order to optimize this part of your website. From technical to content updates, this is also an evergrowing part of your website that you continue to build upon.

After you've gone through your brand strategy and established your branding, it's time to focus on your copywriting. This is the messaging and sales-orient4ed text on your website that motivates your website visitors to take actions like booking your services.

I recommend investing in your branding before starting on your website strategy or copywriting, so by the time you've gotten to your website design, you've already established your colors, typography, and logos, at the very least. Then, it's time to think through how your visitors are navigating your website and what kind of experience you're providing design-wise.

Copywriting is a big part of your website content, but it's also important to elevate your images, testimonials, frequently asked questions, blog, and more. Your content is an always-growing component of your website, and there's always room for improvement in this area.

In this free checklist, I bring these 5 components together to give you actionable tips to improve your website.


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