Ciara Corin Photo

Ciara Corin Photo is a engagement, elopement, and wedding photographer based out of Oregon and Idaho. When Ciara came to us, she was looking for a very bespoke website design.

Bespoke Website Design for a Wedding Photographer in Oregon

Ciara's old website was built in Squarespace and not exactly what she was looking for design-wise. She wanted her website to have an overall scrapbook, nostalgic feel so that she could showcase her unique style and work. She wasn't attracting the clients she wanted, and was lacking a bespoke website design.

 We introduced Ciara to Showit so that we could have more design flexibility and create a very bespoke website experience. Due to budget, we decided to do a brand enhancement and custom website design to achieve the aesthetic. We purchased creative assets from Creative Market to work with Ciara's budget.


Brand keywords: Nostalgic, scrapbooky, vintage, cozy, intimate




With a brand refresh, we work with a client's current logo and enhance the brand to elevate our client's brand presence. For Ciara's brand, she designed her own logo and we enhanced the brand with a color palette and typography selections that align her brand with that nostalgic, cozy vibe we were going for. The vibes were Taylor Swift's Folklore meets Evermore: cozy and romantic vibes to attract couples seeking an intimate experience.

Color palette

Brand Enhancement for Ciara Corin Photo

Body copy

Typography selections


The Transformation


- Ciara Corin

"LOVE the instagram landing page, so unique and cute.
And the journal nod on the blog is super cute!!"

Bespoke Website Design Built in Showit

We combined custom details like torn paper, illustrated stars, and coffee stain images to create a website experience that feels very much like looking through a scrapbook. Focusing on still creating an optimal, clean user experience, we brought in these in small and thoughtful ways. We created a custom Instagram landing page and custom blog design to further elevate the website experience for Ciara's visitors. Since galleries are so important for photographers, we found creative ways to showcase Ciara's work while still keeping the experience customized and thoughtful.

For a bespoke website that has an ultra-unique aesthetic, we recommend booking our Website in a Week or custom website design project. You can view all of our services below or inquire to book a consultation call. 

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