Free Business Card Templates for Wedding Pros & Creative Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when you feel embarrassed handing over a business card to a potential client. Download our free business card templates and customize the cards to your business. 

Level up your next first impression.

Step 1: Sign up to get the free templates.

Step 2: You'll get an email with your free templates, and will be subscribed to my email list.

Step 3: Choose the horizontal or vertical business card files in the email.

Step 4: Make a copy of the file to your own Canva account.

Step 5: Delete the pages that you don't need, then customize the design to your brand colors, fonts, and business info.

Step 6: Export the file as JPGs or a PDF for print. 

Step 7: Order the cards through a site like Moo or Staples.

Step 8: Post a picture of your new business cards and tag us on Instagram or Facebook at @emilyfostercreative!

Step 9: Want help with your branding? Get $50 off your first branding project with us, just for downloading this freebie! Contact us to learn more.

How to design your cards

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